Harald Åge Sæthre is Project Manager at the Section of Student and Academic Affairs, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bergen, Norway. He works with different projects throughout the curriculum, including recruiting campaigns, reception of new students, carrier guidance/job fares and alumni initiatives. His main goal is to recruit more and better students, and to get highest possible retention. His background as a master in ecology is transferred to a holistic view to attain a best possible learning environment. Sæthre has worked as a school teacher, but mainly as an academic adviser and leader of the Section of Student and Academic Affairs. He has especially looked to the Anglo-American world for experience and has apart from international conferences also visited universities in USA, UK and Australia. Works of Tinto, Pascarella, Terenzini and Astin are the main inspiration. Especially Tinto’s longitudinal model of institutional departure is a basic instrument.





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Work in english:

Here you will find a pdf of my presentation when Ian Munton, Head of Student Support and Developement Services Keele University visited UiB Thursday, April 12, 2012

Read about my book project.
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- Energetic now, but what about tomorrow?
Problems recruiting students to science and technology- What can be done?

Paper in connection with a Speech on the Offshore Nothern Seas (ONS 2006) here

How to make the scientific staff reflect on students Retention?
European First Year Experience (EFYE) Conference,Antwerp, Belgium

- Fresh look at the first semester in a Norwegian University

Paper in connection with a Speech on the FYE 2002 Internasjonal konferanse in Bath (UK)

Contact information:
Harald Åge Sæthre
Project Manager
Student and Academic Affairs

TLF. 47 55 582024 FAX. 47 55 583199

E-mail: amnhs@uib.no

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
University of Bergen
Postboks 7800
5020 Bergen